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ALSR74DGA6Fixed a problem where attachments were duplicated when a particular mail was forwarded/replied with history. This problem occurred when (1) original...
KCHO75T3YXFixed a problem where DBCS characters were displayed with LMBCS lead-byte when the chair modified the Body in an existing meeting...
GMAA753DX2Fixed a problem that the link for the view/folder in the mail outline pointed to a URL for the web mail instead of the URL for DWA in a particular...
GMAA745HKPFixed a Domino Web Access warning when printing a specific message when it contains a nonterminated comment tag within the message...
MMIO5RR3HLFailover will occur to cluster servers for retrieving group schedule information when home server is down.
HKAI75HCQCFixed a problem where the caret was automatically moved to the end of the line in the To, CC, and BCC fields when Japanese IME was enabled and the...
KYOE78BCTZFixed a problem where a particular mail message in the Inbox was unexpectedly deleted when "Empty Trash" was done from DWA. This problem occured...
DJAG6XAPS9Fixed a problem where the 32nd level of a nested folder was not displayed.
NBJC758DVKFixed a DWA Warning when spell checking text containing many spelling errors.
YCDL74JAFSUnable to send a group ToDo remove notice. This problem has been fixed.
KMOA79C8WXSigned scripts fail to load in Firefox The fix for this problem is to make the signed script archive file served with correct MIME content...
TLEE6YC4ZSA warning message no longer appears when changing Date and Time in an Anniversary.
KYOE6YWDT3Validation icon is displayed correctly if using IME.
ELUU6M3E3AFixed a BIDI problem where the action menu and context menu were displayed in the wrong place when the horizon scroll bar was...
DWHR6YND23Fixed a problem that fails to print whole Notes mail header area if it contains long hierachical names. This fix requires the mail template fix for...
RAGG7D4NKNFixed a problem where the Domino Server console was seeing the error message "Document has been deleted" when composing a Reply with History or...
SDOY7G7EPBFixed a problem where reserved room information did not appear on the print result or read mode window of the calendar entry.
MPGY7GDPV4Fixed an issue where the "Move to Folder" action in the mail inbox didn't work in Firefox 3.
FYOU7F3DZ8Avoid requests of out of range entries and infinite recursion call.
DGAO76TR8ZFixed a problem that an attachment was not included in the Update Notice when the body had been changed.
ANUY7HPMDJ Fix problem where, in certain cases, processing cancellation notices would not remove entry from the calendar view.
HMAI7HVGBWFixed a problem with downloading a DBCS long filename attachment from a MIME message
MLEY7GMD46Fixed a problem where no directory was available on DWA Name Picker. This problem occurred only in a particular server environment.
NBJC78RERHAdded the ability to restore multiple selected messages from a local archive.
THIO73GHASFixed a problem where the new mail/alarm polling unexpectedly stopped if multiple browser windows open the same DWA mail file. It was caused because...


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